Network Test Framework
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NTF Network Test Framework


NTF is a python based network test framework. It is based on mininet and unittest.


  • Python 2.7 or higher
  • Mininet version 2.2.1 or higher
  • Docker version 1.10 or higher
  • sudo privileges to run ntf


NTF can be installed using sudo python install

Running Tests

Prior to running tests using NTF, the required docker image needs to be present. Follow the examples/topology/l2_topology.json and examples/topology/config.json to define topology and the switch properties. Write the unittest case to use the topology as in examples/tests/ Run NTF as below:

sudo ./ntf --topology <topologyfile_with_path> --config <configfile_with_path>
--test-dir <test_directory> --test <testname>

optional parameters:

--cli: To get to mininet cli prompt during test.
--log-file <filename>: Filename to use for logging
--log-dir <log_dir>: Folder to write the logfile to.