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P4 Applications WG repo
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rsivakolundu and jklr Buffer Occupancy (#55)
* Added instruction bit for buffer occupancy

* Added buffer ID field (8b)

* Added some text to queue occupancy and buffer occupancy description about how the YANG model shall define the format and units of these fields to enable switch implementation specific details.
Latest commit 1ce57dd Dec 8, 2018
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docs DSCP_MASK fix in parse_udp Aug 17, 2018
meeting_slides Slides from 2018-11-15 meeting Nov 22, 2018
research_projects/PRECISION Adding open-source code for the PRECISION paper (#51) Aug 15, 2018
telemetry Buffer Occupancy (#55) Dec 8, 2018
Makefile 1) move charter from p4-spec, 2) create docs folder to host PDF files Dec 12, 2017 PR creation steps into Mar 19, 2018
charter.mdk 1) move charter from p4-spec, 2) create docs folder to host PDF files Dec 12, 2017

P4 Applications Repository

This repo hosts deliverables from P4 Applications WG.

  • WG meeting materials and minutes
  • Application specifications
  • Packet formats expressed in P4
  • Reference source code
  • Test cases

Working Group Charter

The Applications WG charter is available here.

Meeting Minutes

WG meeting minutes are posted to the Wiki of thie repo.

Directory Structure

  • docs - PDF files of all specs and charter
  • meeting_slides - slides used for the WG discussions
  • telemetry - telemetry application
    • telemetry/specs - source files for telemetry specs
  • Makefile - Makefile to compile charter.mdk
  • charter.mdk - source file for charter

Mailing lists

To create a pull request

  1. First create a fork of this repo
  2. Modify the source file of the spec you want to change. e.g., telemetry/specs/INT.mdk.
  3. Push your changes to your fork
  4. Create a pull request from your fork against the original repo, master branch
  5. Please assign WG chairs as reviewers
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