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Hometime for Mite (

alpha version

This is a userscript for Google chrome that works with

This script allows you to set a goal for how many hours/minutes you would like to work in a day. Then given the time you would like to leave work it will tell you how many spare minutes you have left.


  • home time 5:30pm
  • goal time to work 5 hours

Current time is 1pm you started work at 12pm and have worked for 45 minutes. This gives you 15 minutes 'spare' so you know you can mess round for 15 minutes in and still make it home on time.

Enter goal minutes to set this.


  • records start and end time
  • records utilisation
  • shows spare minutes remaining in day

upcoming features

  • let user set home time, goal time
  • graphing of start/end time and utilsation
  • show details all the time and make them dynamically update
  • make better looking!
  • log spare minutes

known bugs

  • negatives are not handled nicely
  • looks ugly
  • changing days can make things wierd

click this to install