CSS Level 3 Selectors
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This module extends CSS::Grammar::CSS3, to implment parsing for CSS Selectors Module Level 3. It provides grammar CSS::Module::CSS3::Selectors and actions class CSS::Module::CSS3::Selectors::Actions.


use CSS::Module::CSS3::Selectors;
my $actions = CSS::Module::CSS3::Selectors::Actions.new;
CSS::Module::CSS3::Selectors.parse('tr:nth-child(2n+1) span[class="example"]', :rule<selectors>, :$actions);
say $/.ast.perl;

Some of the key extensions are:

  • namespaces: svg|circle
  • attribute selections: span[class="example"]
  • structural selectors: tr:nth-child(2n+1) foo:nth-last-child(odd)
  • negation: body > h2:not(:first-of-type):not(:last-of-type)

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