AST Serializer; compatible with CSS::Grammar and CSS::Module
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AST writer/serializer module. Compatible with CSS:Module and CSS::Grammar.


Serialize a declaration (ruleset); converting named colors to RGB masks

use CSS::Writer;
my CSS::Writer $css-writer .= new( :terse, :color-values, :color-masks );
say $css-writer.write(
        :selectors[ :selector[ { :simple-selector[ { :element-name<h1> } ] } ] ],
             { :ident<font-size>, :expr[ :pt(12) ] },
             { :ident<color>,     :expr[ :ident<white> ] },
             { :ident<z-index>,   :expr[ :num(-9) ] },

# output: h1 { font-size:12pt; color:#FFF; z-index:-9; }

Tidy and reduce size of CSS

use CSS::Writer;
use CSS::Grammar::CSS3;

sub parse-stylesheet($css) {
    use CSS::Grammar::CSS3;
    use CSS::Grammar::Actions;
    my CSS::Grammar::Actions $actions .= new;
    CSS::Grammar::CSS3.parse($css, :$actions)
       or die "unable to parse: $css";

    return $/.ast

my CSS::Writer $css-writer .= new( :terse );
my $stylesheet = parse-stylesheet( 'H1{  cOlor: RED; z-index  : -3}' );

say $css-writer.write( $stylesheet );

# output: h1 { color:red; z-index:-3; }

Writer Options

  • :ast Provide a default ast. This enables stringification, e.g.
my CSS::Writer $css .= new( :ast( :string('Hello World!' ) ) );
say ~$css;  # output: 'Hello World!'
  • :color-masks Prefer hex mask notation for RGB values, .e.g. #0085FF instead of rgb(0, 133, 255)

  • :color-names Convert RGB values to color names

  • :color-values Convert color names to RGB values

  • :terse write each stylesheet element on a single line, without indentation. Don't write comments.

Usage Notes