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This repository is now obsolete. Work on open data and mapping is being continued by the Solidarity Economy Association in the repository

During 2015, various people were coming to the same conclusion, that there is a need to collaborate on the creation of robust, accessible open data about the Social and Solidarity Economy. One of those was Karin Christiansen, General Secretary of The Co-operative Party, who set up the website. At the same time, the people at the Solidarity Economy Association (formerly called the Institute for Solidarity Economics) were having a similar idea, but also wanted to include initiatives in the wider Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), as well as co-operatives.

The name p6data is taken from Co-operative Principle number 6: Co-operation among Co-operatives. It applies equally to co-operation among initiatives within the wider SSE.

This repository provides a space to share work in progress. The issue tracker is acting as our space for open information sharing in efforts to develop a common approach to co-operative data.

The p6data problem

At the moment, listings of retail co-operatives, credit unions, community pubs, fans trusts and other parts of our movement are kept by a range of organisations, and in formats that aren't always easily searchable or compatible.

Our core goal is simple. To agree a way of bringing them together in one place so that the information is searchable, sortable, and free for anyone to use.

The journey so far

So far, we've:

  • Hosted a couple of calls of interested parties;
  • Agreed to start sharing existing open data on the sector;
  • Set up as a public face for the project;
  • Held a Hack Day at the Institute for Solidarity Economics in Oxford, December 2015.
  • Published the ISE Strategy for Data;
  • Set up the ise-linked-open-data repository for the Institute of Solidarity Economics' implementation of Linked Open Data on their own server.
  • The Solidarity Economy Association has published Co-ops UK 2016 open data as linked open data and created a map-app to view it on a map and to explore the experimental data.
  • Further development work will continue in the repository