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Use with XA compliant drivers #2

mscarton opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Mark Scarton Patrick Moore Peter Butkovic Quinton McCombs
Mark Scarton

Is this version of p6spy able to operate with XA drivers?

I didn't see anything mentioning XA in the (sites) documentation, either in terms of configuration or issues/troubleshooting.


Patrick Moore

hi there --

I haven't had much need to do anything with distributed transactions. So the short answer is I don't know. I am willing to merge any changes you provide.

I do NOT like the standard "its open source you can fix it yourself", unfortunately I am going to have to say please try it and give me a pull request for any fixes you make.

Peter Butkovic

@mscarton did you give it a try? would be great if you could give some update on this.

Peter Butkovic typekpb referenced this issue

XA Driver Support #90

Quinton McCombs

I am guessing that the problem before might have been because an instance of P6SpyConnection was returned which only implemented the Connection interface. Since we are using CGLIB proxies now, it should work as expected.

Quinton McCombs quintonm closed this
Peter Butkovic

thanks for feedback, still I'd like a proof. This sounds like a junit test candidate.

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