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exclude option is not respected #78

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Migrated from sourceforge:

I noticed a bug concerning the "exclude" option.
In the file it is said that "exclude" takes a "comma separated list of tables to exclude when filtering". After looking in the current source of the svn trunk I found out that
contains the statement
found = Pattern.matches(tables[i], sql);
The JDK-API for Pattern states that
public static boolean matches(String regex, CharSequence input)
takes a regexp as first arg but tables[i] is a tablename and no regexp. Therefore e.g. Pattern.matches("SOMETABLE", "SELECT * FROM SOMETABLE WHERE BLA") will not match and every sql call is passed into the p6spy log.
Simple fix:
found = sql.indexOf(tables[i]) >= 0;

@typekpb typekpb referenced this issue from a commit
@typekpb typekpb P6LogOptions: for exclude/include and sqlexpression we compile Patter…
…n eagerly => to improve performance; tests for these added; fixed #78
@typekpb typekpb closed this in #115
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