It is a reliable method to create links to files and folders on network drives.
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What is Cliplink for?

  • I developed Clipboard-Link from end user need. It is a reliable method to create links to files and folders on Windows network drives.
  • Spaces and special characters break Outlook's ability to create hyperlinks to network files. Clipboard-Link eliminates that problem.

How do I get set up?

  • There is no configuration
  • There are no dependencies
  • No database configuration
  • Save the contents of this repo to a network drive or share.
  • Tell users to run setup from there.

How does it work

  • Locate the file or folder on the network.
  • Right-click and select Send To > clipboard-link
  • Cliplink creates a safe link to the file and puts it on the Clipboard.
  • Paste the link into Email, documents, etc.

To make a friendly link

  • Create a link to a network file or folder with Clipboard-link and paste into a message
  • Select the link part and Cut
  • Select the name part between the brackets
  • Select Insert menu > Hyperlink
  • Paste the link in the URL box
  • Click Ok
  • Clipboard-link copies the file / folder name and shortened link to the clipboard
             [Engineering Documentation]                  file://F:\ENGINE~1 

                      ^ Name ^                               ^   link  ^

NOTE: **Cliplink will not create links for executables [files ending with .EXE, .COM, .BAT, etc.].

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