pGlyco is a software tool dedicated for the analysis of intact glycopeptides/glycoproteins using mass spectrometry.
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pGlyco2 beta2 (version 2.2.0, release date: 20190101)

pGlyco2 workflow

pGlyco2 is a new member of pFind Studio family.

pFind Studio is computational solution for mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the newest version of pFind Studio includes pFind3 for proteomics, pLink2 for cross-linking proteomics, pNovo3 for de novo sequencing, pTop1 for intact protein analysis and pGlyco2 for intact glycopeptide analysis.

If you have any question, please contact pglyco[at], or you can post issues at Github. To post github issues, see github.pdf for details.

Release Notes

pGlyco2.2.0 (2019.01.01): User Guide and Download

  • Fixed potential divide-zero bugs in pGlycoFDR.exe.
  • Some improvements in gLabel.
  • Supported mzML.
  • Since Thermo has developed new raw APIs (RawFileReader.dll, same as Proteome Discoverer), xtract_raw and pParse were re-developed by using these new APIs, and it may introduce some differences compared with the old APIs. If you need to change back to the MSFileReader-based APIs, please rename the xtract_raw_with_msfilereader.exe in the installation folder as xtract_raw.exe, and of course you need to install MSFileReader.

pGlyco2.1.2: User Guide and Download

  • Fixed divide-zero bugs in pGlycoFDR.exe.
  • gLabel supports batch plot and user-defined glycopeptides.
  • Fixed GUI bugs in French Windows system (different types of float point).
  • pGlyco.exe does not need administrator authorization to run.