📝 PHNotepad is a simple Java text/code editor (notepad) written in Java. It has also nice features such as Search tool, Find/Replace text/code, Auto completion, Nice Image Buttons for better UX, etc.
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Simple Java Text Editor

PH NotePad is a simple and light text editor (notepad) written in Java.

Programming Java Text Editor

  • Search tool (to search text/keywords easily in the code) + highlighting the code found.

  • Find/Replace text/code.

  • Auto completion for Java and C++ keywords (files need to be saved as .java/.cpp). It can be easily expanded to support pretty much any number of languages.

  • Drag and Drop (drag files into the text area and they get loaded).

  • Nice image buttons for better UX.

Example Java Text Editor


Pierre-Henry Soria

Contributors 🏅


  • Pierre-Henry Soria: hi [AT] ph7 [D0T] me

  • Achintha Gunasekara: contact [AT] achinthagunasekara [D0T] com


Download the Jar file and double click to run

Or run java -jar SimpleJavaTextEditor.jar from the command line

You can also generate easily a new jar file with the following command when you are in src/ directory jar cmvf ../manifest.mf ../SimpleJavaTextEditor.jar simplejavatexteditor/*.class


Icons directory and its files must be present on the path when running the application (so you will have to move "icons/" into "src/" directory)


Apache License, Version 2.0 or later; See the license.txt file in the notepad folder.