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jQuery for Windows 8

Specialized jQuery for Windows 8 apps development.

Why need a different jQuery for Windows 8?

Compared to normal browser environment, Windows 8 (metro apps) introduced higher security level for JS/DOM. You cannot simply put dynamic content into innerHTML, outerHTML or document.write. You must explicitly disable this restriction by using 'execUnsafeLocalFunction' method.

For more information, see this great article - Windows 8 – Using jQuery for app development

Reduce Loading Time

In addition, all js files need to be UTF8 encoded with BOM in order to enable bytecode caching.

See Reducing your app's loading time (Metro style apps using JavaScript and HTML)


  • Wraps all unsafe codes with execUnsafeLocalFunction
  • File is encoded in UTF8 with BOM
  • Nuget package available for lazy people


PM> Install-Package jQuery-W8