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-- $Id: BUGS,v 1.6 2001/11/30 21:57:34 tom Exp $
Please report bugs to
This is a list of known problems with VTTEST:
+ SD and SU tests pass with dtterm, but not with VT420, which uses a
different scrolling model.
+ the skip_csi/skip_dcs functions are too permissive (they're allowing
either 8-bit or 7-bit responses).
+ when I test the DECRQSS responses on a VT420, they usually come back
with a code '1' (according to my manual, that's invalid), though the
data looks correct otherwise.
+ testing on a VT420 (console on VMS), there's a problem with the VT52 test:
I see highlighted glitches at the positions where erase line (ESC K)
controls are printed. Increasing the padding doesn't change this behavior.
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