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pH7Builder. Packaging Automation Tool πŸ€–
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πŸš€ pH7CMS

πŸ‘€ Summary

This simple bash script is used to packaging pH7Builder (formerly pH7CMS) in order to distribute it to Sourceforge, GitHub releases and other downloading platforms.

🧰 Usage

Just execute this bash script 😊 It will download the latest version of pH7CMS from GitHub, master branch.

And follow the instruction (such as mentioning the version number, etc).


βš™ Requirement

  • Have Composer installed as a system-wide command.

🍳 Author

Hi You! πŸ‘‹ I'm Pierre-Henry Soria. A S.U.P.E.R Passionate Belgian Software Engineer.

Love writing and reading too (mostly non-fiction books), and obviously learning new things every day.

I also post on a daily basis at Daily Learning Habitβ„’, new interesting and short thoughts about what I learnt during the day or the past few days.

Finally, I'm also the author of hundreds of other open source projects.

πŸ“œ Disclaimer

This script is only useful and can only be used by the pH7Builder software's author to package easily the distribution zip archive when a new version of the software is released.

It won't probably be useful for you (unless you adapt it for your own software, CMS, script, ...).

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