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The Pa11y Website (WIP)

The Pa11y website is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages.

Site Accessibility Tests Join us on Slack

Running locally

You'll need Ruby, Bundler and Node.js installed for this.

  1. Install dependencies: make install
  2. Build and serve the site: make serve
  3. Visit http://localhost:4000/

Editing this site

Home page

The home page text content can be found in pages/

News feed

The news feed content can be found in the _posts folder. It's best to copy an existing item and change the date/title.

It's important to note that the date appears in both the file name and the date front-matter property.

You may add authorship details to a post using the and author.url front-matter properties. Both are optional. The rule of thumb is that generic posts (like version releases/launches etc) should have no author, but more opinion or analysis posts should.

Tutorials page

The tutorials page text content can be found in pages/ The actual tutorial information is in _data/tutorials.yml; there are instructions at the top of this file.

Contributor guides

The contributor guides live in the contributing folder, these pages are Markdown files. Edit the others at will, but the Code of Conduct should not be edited – we use the Contributor Covenant without modifications.

Contact page

The contact page text content can be found in pages/ To add your contact details to this page, edit _data/team.yml; there are instructions at the top of this file.


Every page on this site is tested with Pa11y on CI. Pull requests will fail the build if they introduce accessibility errors. You can run Pa11y against a site that's running locally with:

make test


Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Copyright © 2016–2017, Team Pa11y