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Hello Ten-Tec Rebel model 506 users.

The code presented here is build together with Paul- KD8FJO and James - K4JK and work is ongoing as we speak. The code uses as base the released Rebel_Base verion from Ten-Tec and we added:

  1. (KD8FJO) Added Optional feature selection.
  2. (K4JK) Added simple IAMBIC keyer. Code adapted from w/ analog speed control
  3. (PA3ANG) Added Beacon. Can be activated by selecting U3 in USER menu.
  4. (PA3ANG) Changed LCD_4BIT layout and info
  • 1st line, Header with software version info, mode (K=Keyer,S=Straight Key) and band
  • 2nd line, RX frequecy plus RIT deviation during RX and TX frequency during TX
  • 3rd line, BW, STEP, S or P bar meter, CW SPEED
  • 4th line, reserved for CW decoder
  1. (PA3ANG) Added entering frequency using Serial Port
  2. (PA3ANG) Added CAT Control
  3. (PA3ANG) Added Band Switching w/ additional Hardware FUNCTION > 2 seconds
  4. (PA3ANG) Added Freq Announce SELECT > 2 seconds
  5. (KD8FJO) NOKIA 5110 display and tested all other I2C display modules

73 Johan, PA3ANG at

More info Yahoo group @

Note: You need to load the libraries into you MPIDE /hardware/pic32/libraries/ directory and restart MPIDE. The libraries can be found here and on github/pstyle/tentec506.