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This github release contains the latest radioberry software using protocol-1.

A big change.... i did remove one rx slice. I had some problems to get the tx mode going. I needed some larger buffer; but was running out of space.

Further more i found a severe error in the rx chain. The fix is resulting in a very good improvement in the audio quality.

This release, tested by Jacinto, CU2ED he was happy with the result! Thanks to Jacinto for his help!

How to install and launch
Download the release (tar file) and copy the file to home folder eg /home/pi

extract the tar file: command: tar xvf release_2018.10.0.tar

change to folder : release-2018.10.0

using command sudo ./launch.sh

(default loading the CL016 firmware)

this commands set the clock, loads the firmware into the FPGA and starts the hermes emulator.

Now it is possible to start your favourite SDR program. (assuming your rpi is connected to the network)

With wdsp and libfftw3 already installed it is also possible to run pihpdsr.

In the release folder also the pihpsdr program is present.

Open a different terminal and start the program: sudo ./pihpsdr

The first time start the wisdom files will be created.

Goodluck with it!

Johan PA3GSB