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VSWR - Module


For the radioberry this module gives the possibility for getting information about the vswr during transmit.

The module contains the possibility to measure the REF and FORWARD power.

Using a low speed i2c module makes it possible to read the data using the raspberry pi.

I have plans to add the reading:

-) to a seperate program to showing the measured data. -) in the hpsdr emulator -) in the pihpsdr plugin.

Something about the setup.

The original design appeared in 1989 / 1990 SPRAT Magazine G-QRP Also in the famous dutch QRP nieuwsbrief (NB 62) if found the article: "SWR METER ZONDER AFREGELING" door PAoWDW I found it also in the openhpsdr ALEX project.

I did add the slow ADC i2c (as seen in the hermeslite version 2 design)


Used KICAD to make the scheme and PCB.

Beside all this iam learning KICAD (stepped over from EAGLE). I like the KICAD program, much to learn, used start drawing a scheme. Add footprints and creating a PCB.


I ordered 6 January 2018 10 pcb at elecrow.

In the Netherlands it is possible to order at https://muxtronics.nl/ the components using the ShopCart from farnell.