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+# Keyboard Heatmap
+This repository contains the sourcecode of my recently released keyboard heatmap.
+The keyboard heatmap shows the distribution of characters of a text while you're typing. It's using my JavaScript heatmap library (heatmap.js) to make that possible.
+**Contributions are very welcome! **
+## Features planned
+- More Keyboard Layouts
+- Comparison View
+- ... want to see another awesome feature here? **Suggest or contribute one! :)**
+## Changelog
+- Added DVORAK Layout
+## License
+The Keyboard Heatmap is licensed under the [MIT]( "")and [Beerware]( "") License.
+## Contributions
+- Zeff Houssney contributed the DVORAK background image and the coordinates
+## Contact
+If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me on whatever digital medium you prefer.
+[@patrickwied](!/patrickwied "on twitter")
+[]( "on my website")

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