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This API category covers the endpoints that are used to manage users.
-The HTTP APIs are the component that allows externals tools to manage the
-infrastructure. It is implemented by the [Cloud Controller](/cloud-controller).
+## The User Account and Authentication Service
-There are several client libraries to interact with the API:
+These HTTP APIs are implemented in the UAA, which has a bunch of
+standard endpoints (OAuth2, SCIM) and some custom ones specific to
+Cloud Foundry. More detailed documentation can be found
+[here]( In there are restrictions on access so that regular
+users cannot access these [endpoints](
+On a local or custom vcap installation user accounts can be managed by
+an admin user or client app (see [security model
+for more information).
+## Legacy Endpoints on CloudController
+The old (soon to be deprecated or removed) APIs are implemented by the
+[Cloud Controller](/cloud-controller).
+There are several client libraries to interact with the old API:
* [Java](
* [Node.js](
-* [Ruby](
+* [Ruby](

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