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Guice 3 and Netty 4 Sample Project
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Guice 3 and Netty 4 Sample Project

Dependencies included

  • Guice 3.0
  • Guava (Latest release)
  • Netty 4.0.23.Final
  • JUnit 4.10


  • Java 7
  • Maven 3

Configuring Hostname and Port

  • Open pom.xml file and modify the netty.hostname and netty.port properties
  • Default values are localhost:8080

Running with Maven

  • Make a jar package in target folder with mvn clean package
    Run the jar from target folder with java -jar guice-netty-bootstrap <hostname> <port>
  • Run the Application with mvn exec:java

Connect to Server

  • Run telnet localhost 8080
  • To stop the server press Ctrl + C on the Server Terminal and any Client will drop.

Generate Maven Archetype from Project

  • Work In progress
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