Secure RESTful Web Services with Apache Shiro, Guice and Jersey
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Secure RESTful Web Services Application Sample Project with Apache Shiro 1.2.3, Jersey 1.18.1 and Google Guice 3.0

Dependencies included

  • Servlet 2.5
  • Jersey 1.18.1
  • Guice 3.0
  • Apache Shiro 1.2.3
  • guice-persist 3.0
  • gson 2.2.4
  • joda-time 2.4
  • JUnit 4.10


  • Java 7
  • Maven 3
  • Tomcat 7


  • Make the war file mvn clean package
  • Deploy the war file in Tomcat 7 with Eclipse or manually

After Deploy on Application Server

  • The REST WS are accessible under /rest/*
  • Front-End not yet implemented.

Creating a Local Maven Archetype

  • Generate an archetype: mvn archetype:create-from-project
  • Go to target/generated-sources/archetype and run mvn install
  • Create a fresh project from Archetype mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local using com.pampanet:secure-rest-webapp-archetype
  • You can select the archetype from Eclipse IDE from the "New Maven Project" Wizard

Apache Shiro Filters

  • Shiro's Default Filters:
  • In com.pampanet.sample.shiro.modules.BootstrapShiroModule are all the filters, placed in order.
  • You can replace com.pampanet.sample.shiro.modules.ShiroAnnotationsModule with Shiro's default ShiroAopModule class.

Apache Shiro Users Configuration