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Board Support Package for MSP430 microcontrollers
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Release: 20141115

BSP430 is a set of C language adaptation layers simplifying cross-MCU library and application development on Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers.

The target audience is experienced embedded systems developers who need full control over the microcontroller but are willing to trade a small amount of performance for improved component re-usability and rapid prototyping.

BSP430 features:

  • A configuration infrastructure allowing you to include only those resources and capabilities required by your application;
  • A set of abstraction layers enabling efficient identification and manipulation of peripheral capabilities at both register and functional levels;
  • A callbacks callback infrastructure allowing unrelated capabilities to share resources including port and timer interrupt handlers;
  • A platform model that enables rapid development on common hardware solutions including six TI experimenter boards as well as custom boards;
  • Integrated support for watchdog and low power mode execution
  • A build infrastructure designed to simplify creating new applications in a POSIX command-line environment supported by GNU Make, with GNU C (legacy MSPGCC and upstream msp430-elf) and TI compiler toolchain support

Please see the documentation, issue tracker, and homepage on github. Get a copy using git:

git clone git://

or by downloading the master branch via:

Copyright 2012-2014, Peter A. Bigot, and licensed under BSD-3-Clause.