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This repository contains RELAX NG schema for the W3C XML Schema Definition Language.

The project home for this material is the rng4xsd project page on github. Obtain updates and report issues on the project page.


The work is based on xmlschema.rng created by Jeni Tennison to support XSD 1.0. See the original notice for some background.

The xsd10.rng file is a refactored version that more closely follows the XSD 1.0 Schema for Schemas. It incorporates about a dozen substantive changes to fix false diagnostics on a subset of the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. schemas and other schemas supported by PyXB.

The xsd11.rng file derives from that to support XSD 1.1, following its Schema for Schemas.

rng4xsd.rng is a support schema defining documentation elements and annotations that relate the RELAX NG patterns to XSD components.


These directories contain tests:

  • test10 has tests that pass or fail only on XSD 1.0, not on XSD 1.1
  • test11 has tests that pass or fail only on XSD 1.1, not on XSD 1.0
  • test1x has tests that pass or fail similarly on both XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1

Tests are XSD files, and are named with an initial t if the contained schema is valid and an initial f if the contained schema is invalid.

The script runchecks runs all the tests, using xmllint and (if jing.jar is present in the workspace) Jing on these tests. By default testing is done with the xsd10.rng schema; invoking runchecks xsd11.rng will test the XSD 1.1 schema.

These diagnostics are emitted by jing:

xsd10.rng:1127:16: warning: conflicting ID-types for attribute "id" of element "restriction" from namespace ""
xsd11.rng:1336:16: warning: conflicting ID-types for attribute "id" of element "restriction" from namespace ""

Note that the diagnostic is normally an error, which prevents validation. A patch to jing-trang issue 178 which converts the diagnostic to a warning is available in the patches subdirectory.

Emacs Support

As of version 23, emacs integrates support for nXML mode. The installation can be customized for XSD by these steps:

(1) Add the following to your .emacs file:

;; nXML mode customization
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.xsd\\'" . xml-mode))
(add-hook 'nxml-mode-hook
    '(lambda ()
       (make-local-variable 'indent-tabs-mode)
       (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
       (add-to-list 'rng-schema-locating-files

(2) Install the following as schemas.xml in ~/.emacs.d/nxml-schemas/:

<locatingRules xmlns="">
  <!-- Extend to support W3C XML Schema Definition Language, which as
       of 1.1 are known as "XSD" rather than "XML Schema" to avoid
       confusion with other XML schema languages such as RELAX NG. -->
  <uri pattern="*.xsd" typeId="XSD"/>
  <namespace ns="" typeId="XSD"/>
  <documentElement localName="schema" typeId="XSD"/>
  <typeId id="XSD 1.0" uri="xsd10.rnc"/>
  <typeId id="XSD 1.1" uri="xsd11.rnc"/>
  <typeId id="XSD" uri="xsd.rnc"/>

(3) Install the following as xsd.rnc in ~/.emacs.d/nxml-schemas/:

xsd10 = external "xsd10.rnc"
xsd11 = external "xsd11.rnc"
start = xsd10 | xsd11

(4) Copy the xsd10.rng and xsd11.rng schemas to ~/.emacs.d/nxml-schemas/

(5) Edit the copied xsd10.rng file to eliminate the pattern parameter, which causes parsing errors in emacs when editing files that include xs:field or xs:selector elements:

diff --git a/xsd10.rng b/xsd10.rng
index 32002b6..b202bfe 100644
--- a/xsd10.rng
+++ b/xsd10.rng
@@ -1029,7 +1029,9 @@
     <ref name="annotated"/>
     <attribute name="xpath">
       <data type="token">
+<!-- Causes problems in emacs
         <param name="pattern">(\.//)?(((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)(/(((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.))*(\|(\.//)?(((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)(/(((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.))*)*</param>
@@ -1041,7 +1043,9 @@
     <ref name="annotated"/>
     <attribute name="xpath">
       <data type="token">
+<!-- Causes problems in emacs
         <param name="pattern">(\.//)?((((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)/)*((((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)|((attribute::|@)((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*))))(\|(\.//)?((((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)/)*((((child::)?((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))|\.)|((attribute::|@)((\i\c*:)?(\i\c*|\*)))))*</param>

(6) Convert the XML-format schemas to compact syntax with trang:

trang xsd10.rng xsd10.rnc
trang xsd11.rng xsd11.rnc


RelaxNG schema for W3C XML Schema Definition Language






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