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What's Here

This is a fork of Zephyr that I'm using to provide functionality I need without incurring the overhead of complying with upstream architectural assumptions and requirements for cross-platform compatibility. Generally these changes are targeted to Nordic nRF5-based platforms.

Commit message summaries include the following tags:

  • Commits that include the prefix [DNM] are not suitable for upstream integration for a variety of reasons including lack of consensus of generic value or failure to comply with upstream architectural decisions and policies.
  • Commits that include the prefix [WIP] are works-in-progress. Any aspect of such work, including interfaces and overall architecture, is subject to change. [WIP] should follow [DNM] in the commit summary. The body of the commit message should end with a section describing what aspects of the commit motivate use of this tag.
  • Commits that include the prefix [EVAL] are changes made to demonstrate functionality (or lack thereof) or to add instrumentation such as GPIO changes around critical sections. [EVAL] should follow [DNM] and [WIP] in the commit summary.
  • Commits without any of the above prefixes are theoretically stable and suitable for upstream integration, but may not meet the expectations or desires of some reviewers without rework.

Generally commits should not use github features like "Closes #XXX" as this produces notice of the commit in the upstream repository even when upstream has expressed discontent with the solution. References to upstream issues and PRs can be expressed with Yocto-style Upstream-Status tags. This tag is required in any patch that is back-ported, and is recommended in all commits.

In all other ways commit messages should conform to upstream standards.

The following branches may be available:

  • pabigot/master would be created in a situation where pabigot/next reaches a stability that warrants a release. We're not there yet, and probably never will be.
  • pabigot/next is a nominally stable branch containing only patches that are not [DNM]. It is based on a stable Zephyr release, with commits ordered by increasing risk or dependency. It may be rebased to insert new commits at an appropriate position.
  • pabigot/dev is a periodically-updated extension of a previously extant pabigot/next with additional material that is still marked DNM. Material destined for pabigot/next will appear here first. This branch is frequently rebased.

Material on the pabigot/ branches is expected to work on any Nordic nRF5-based platform, but not all such platforms are tested. Material on pabigot/next is expected to build on all platforms but may lack support for the capabilities added on the branch.


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