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Statically generated sites are cool but when combined with Doing Images on the Internet there are some hackles that I could use computers to fix.


First, if you want the image to have a thumbnail and full-size: you could just download the whole thing then use CSS to adjust the width, but I like what Blogspot did and had a small version embedded that you could click through for the full-size.

So for every image, you probably want it in two sizes.

Then you have to put it in the correct static directory.

Then you have to link to it correctly, with an <a> tag to link to the full-size image.

Then you have to generate the markup for a caption if you want a cute one.

Finally, you want those images optimized for the internet.

img-insert, does as much of this as possible for you.


img-insert <filename>


  • You'll need magick as a shell command (ImageMagick, you can brew update && brew install imagemagick).
  • You'll want jpegtran, which is already installed on Macs IIRC.
  • [optipng][2] (brew install optipng works).
  • Ditto being on a UNIX-ey enough system to cp to shell because OCAML IS AWESOME AND DOESN'T HAVE SIMPLE FILE COPY. They do have unlink and rename though, oddly 😛


img-insert <file> will, by default:

  • Create a static/img/<year>/<month>/<file> directory structure if it doesn't exist (so you can easily cp -r static/* <dest>/static/*).

  • If the image is wider than we want to allow our max width (say, 800px), we

    • use ImageMagick to resize the image to the max width
    • place another copy of <file> in the new directory, so there's <file> and <file>_FULL
  • Write to stdout markup that you can paste in the post, like

<a href="PATH_FULL" target="_blank"><img src="PATH" alt="FILLME" style="display: block; margin: 10px auto" /</a>
<p style="text-align: center; font-style: italic; font-size: small">Caption me</p>


  • Support multiple images to make an album or somesuch.


Yeah why not.

Edit: oh right lol.




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