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I'm at the Pizza Hut!

I'm at the Taco Bell!

I'm at the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

What is it?

PizzaHutTacoBell is a hacky toy to get cute replay stats up on my stream after ladder matches. Xsplit allows you to include SWFs as display media, and Sc2Gears allows you to write plugins that can activate when a new replay is generated.

Combining these two, this pair of tools includes a) an Sc2Gears plugin that parses relevant statistics from replays as soon as they are created, and b) a SWF that renders these statistics for display in XSplit. The idea is to have them run near-instantaneously after every ladder match.

The hope was to originally do this with IPL-like post-match stats (Resources Spent, Workers Built) but this turns out to be impossible with the data present in a replay (through no fault of Sc2Gears). Still, the plugin pair will (hopefully!) show APM, Player league, winner, match time, map, and keep track of how many games I've won and lost in a session. And with any luck, we'll have cute animations :-p

Why the name?

I couldn't get over the hacktacular-ness of having to develop two plugins on two different cross-platform frameworks, using two plugin SDKs to achieve this common task. I also had the song linked above caught in my head while walking to work.

Pizza Hut is the SC2Gears Java plugin.

Taco Bell is the XSplit SWF plugin.

Together, the are the COMBINATION PIZZA HUT AND TACO BELL. Which is to say, delicious.

How to use?

Currently this is pretty hard-coded to my own setup, and I make no guarantees. I started this with the idea that this would only be a fun project that I don't want to "release" or support in a way requiring nontrivial time commitment (if you'd like to fork it and make it respectable, by all means! Just please give me a shout-out :-p).

If you'd like this in your own stream setup, here's what I do when I 'deploy' a new 'build':

  • From the top-level, run ant. If you have all the dependencies (Ant, a Flex SDK, with FLEX_HOME set to point to your SDK), it should create two directories in COMBINATION_PIZZAHUT_AND_TACOBELL.

  • Drop the PIZZAHUT directory into <Sc2Gears>/Plugins.

  • From Sc2Gears, enable PIZZAHUT from Tools -> Plugin Manager. You'll know it worked if the file "<Sc2Gears>\User Content\system_messages.log" contains the line "[PIZZAHUT]: initing"!

  • Drop TACOBELL.swf into your Xsplit Application folder, probably under "C:\Program Files\Splitmedia Labs\Xsplit". If you're running 64-bit Windows, s/Program Files/Program Files (x86)/.

  • From your XSplit scene, import SWF plugin -> TACOBELL.swf.

    Note: Do not import TACOBELL from anywhere other than the XSplit folder. I pulled out enough hair trying to get this to work with the wrapper SWF before throwing in the towel and just importing it raw. Maybe I'll figure it out and get it to work later, but chances are I won't care enough.

You should be good to go. If you want to be sure things are connected, you can check <Sc2Gears>\User Content\system_messages.log, where connection triggers additional output lines like "[PIZZAHUT] Established a new connection!"

There's a lot of manual fudging going around, particularly for checking connections, as well as the hard-coded port 8080. The hope is to write actual config interfaces for these plugins at some point. Again, no guarantees :-p


Bless the creator of Sc2Gears - András Belicza - for writing such an awesome program, and allowing it to be extended with plugins!

Bless the creators of XSplit - Splitmedia labs - for recognizing the coolnees of Flash and allowing their program to be extended with SWF plugins!


Plugin Pair for Great Starcraft Streaming Good!






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