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Curses client!

The one client I actually damn built.

Running instructions

Ensure you have Ruby installed. At the time of this writing, I'm using Ruby 2.4.2, but maybe you'll need RVM to get a version if you don't have it. Also ensure you've got Bundler since we're using a for-real outside-world dependency.



What's happening here

I rushed to make this to have something, anything that let my Erlang server speak to the outside world. I didn't have the chops to make anything on a web client (it was 2011, it was harder to do...) or felt like writing something like Qt (for a while I considered ActionScript) but remembered once I'd used ncurses for a project at school. I hated having to deal with resource management in C, and wondered if Ruby had a wrapper for it.

Lo and behold, it does! I checked in the generated Thrift code to call the server.

It's buggy as all hell but she'll do in a pinch. We use ncurses-ruby to draw the state onto the screen.