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:- module advent1.
:- interface.
:- import_module io.
:- pred main(io::di, io::uo) is det.
:- implementation.
:- import_module int, list.
:- type elf_with_gifts ---> elf(id::int, num_presents::int).
:- pred elf_gift_sequence_upward(int::in, list(elf_with_gifts)::in, list(elf_with_gifts)::out) is det.
elf_gift_sequence_upward(Curr, Accum, Lst) :-
(Curr = 0 -> Accum = Lst);
elf_gift_sequence_upward(Curr - 1, [elf(Curr, 1)|Accum], Lst).
:- pred elf_gift_sequence(int::in, list(elf_with_gifts)::out) is det.
elf_gift_sequence(Target, Lst) :-
elf_gift_sequence_upward(Target, [], Lst).
:- pred elfswap(elf_with_gifts::in, elf_with_gifts::in, elf_with_gifts::out) is det.
elfswap(elf(Id1, NumItems1), elf(_, NumItems2), elf(Id1, NumItems1 + NumItems2)).
%% This is the meat, right here. 4 Params:
%% First is the "processing" list. We go through it in pairs, handing off leftsies.
%% Second is the result list. We inspect to determine when to do another "round"
%% Third is the final result.
%% Terminate when the third element consists of one elf, and set the output to it.
:- pred consolidated_intermediate(list(elf_with_gifts)::in, list(elf_with_gifts)::in, elf_with_gifts::out) is semidet.
consolidated_intermediate([], [X|[]], X).
%% When the third element has many items and the second is out, "loop"
consolidated_intermediate([], [A,B|C], End) :-
reverse([A,B|C], [X,Y|T]),
consolidated_intermediate([X,Y|T], [], End).
%% If we're at the last element of the processing list, maybe compare to the first, drp if 0.
consolidated_intermediate([elf(Id, NumItems)|[]], [A|B], End) :-
reverse([A|B], [X|T]),
(NumItems = 0 -> consolidated_intermediate([X|T], [], End);
elfswap(elf(Id, NumItems), X, Winner),
consolidated_intermediate(T, [Winner], End)).
%% General case: Compare the two adjacents in processing list.
consolidated_intermediate([X,Y|Tail], Accum, End) :-
elfswap(X, Y, NewWinner),
consolidated_intermediate(Tail, [NewWinner|Accum], End).
:- pred consolidated(list(elf_with_gifts)::in, elf_with_gifts::out) is semidet.
consolidated(Input, Output) :-
consolidated_intermediate(Input, [], Output).
:- pred elf_white_elephant(int::in, int::out) is semidet.
elf_white_elephant(NumElves, Winner) :-
elf_gift_sequence(NumElves, ElfList),
consolidated(ElfList, WinningElf),
Winner = WinningElf^id.
main(!IO) :-
(elf_white_elephant(3004953, X) ->
io.write_string("Winner is: ", !IO),
io.print(X, !IO),
io.write_string("\n", !IO));
io.write_string("We failed, comrades.", !IO).