Application which calculates some URF LoL mode Statistics
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Application which calculates some URF LoL mode Statistics

Android Application which calculates some Stats related with URF LoL Mode Games. First of all you must put 2 dates. Stats will be calculated with games between those dates. Once you add one period of time, this data will remain saved on your device. Next time you add a date new data will be added and compared with the old.

When data has already been retrieved from Riot Api, you'll be able to see the stats.

Due to Riot Api Developer API Key, this APP doesn't retrieve ALL matches in the period of time. It retrieves as many as API allows. Source code has a solution for this usue, which is sleep until it can retrieve new games again but this will take a lot of time and that's why it isn't included in the Release Candidate Version.

This APP uses new Android Lollipop widgets such as RecycleView.

Enjoy it ;)

APP done in 2015 to the Riot Games Api Challenge.

Done by pablo0910, Castilla y Leon, Spain - Nick: cOLeGaX - Server: EUW