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A Virtual item shop for your Minecraft server!
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pablo67340 7.2.0
- Buy/Sell Lore Configurations
- Items can now be free
- Items can now toggle purchaseable on/off
- Sell Value displayed in Quantity Menu
- Custom NBT Spawner handling

- Inventory Navigation
- Inventory Caching
- Inventory Pagination

- Shop slot specification. Now uses item index.
- EpicSpawners, SilkSpawners Dependencies
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Welcome to GUIShop! Please feel free to fork GUIShop and make your very own changes! I read through every pull request and would love to see some new ideas! 

What is GUIShop

GUIShop adds a basic shop system to your server via Chest GUI's. You can buy & sell items for any preset value. You can enchant & rename any item which will be applied to the item upon purchase.

GUIShop is almost self-sufficient. However, it still has requirements:

  • GUIShop requires Vault to enable the plugin to hook into your economly so it can withdraw/deposit cash into your player's accounts. 

  • GUIShop also requires SilkSpawners which allows the plugin to sell mob spawners to players, as mob spawners require a special method of setting their entity ID. 

  • GUIShop requires Java 7+.


GUIShop can easily be compiled by cloning this repository to a folder, navigating to the folder in your command prompt/terminal and running:

mvn clean install

The Jar file can then be found in the /target folder.


Other Info

This is the official fork for GUIShop. It will be consistently updated with the latest Minecraft and Spigot versions. This means support for older Minecraft versions will be limited but still offered.


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