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pytwools: python tools for the analysis of Twitter data

This repository contains a series of scripts I often use to analyze Twitter data in JSON format or in MongoDB collections. Usage examples are provided below. To collect your own dataset of tweets, see my tutorial on how to use my R package, streamR, here.

Usage examples

Prints basic information about tweets in console

## prints text of first 10 tweets
python -o text -f tweets.json -k 10  
## prints coordinates and text of first 10 geolocated tweets
python -o geo -f tweets.json -k 10

Computes summary statistics about top tweets, users, hashtags

## find 10 most retweeted tweets (>25 RTs)
## (only automatic retweets)
python -v retweets -f tweets.json -k 10 -n 25

## find 10 most active users (>5 tweets)
python -v users -f tweets.json -k 10 -n 5

## find 10 most used hashtags
python -v hashtags -f tweets.json -k 10

Parses tweets in json and exports to a Mongo DB collection, adding extra fields for faster querying

### import tweets from file "tweets.json"
python -f tweets.json -host localhost -u "" -pwd "" -db tweets -c example -b False

### import tweets from file "tweets.json" in batches of 1000 (faster for larger json files)
python -f tweets.json -host localhost -u "" -pwd "" -db tweets -c example -b True

Exports user information from a MongoDB tweet collection, after filtering tweets by date and users according to their number of friends/followers

### export users who tweeted between January 1st, 2014 and April 15
### who have 50+ followers and 100+ friends
python -host localhost -db tweets -c example -o 'users.csv' \
    -minfollowers 50 -minfriends 100 -mindate 2014-01-01 -maxdate 2014-04-15

Exports nodes and edges from tweets (either from retweets or mentions) in json format, and saves them in a file format compatible with Gephi

### extract retweet nodes and edges
python -f tweets.json -et retweets -oe edges.csv -on nodes.csv
### extract mention edges
python -f tweets.json -et mentions -oe edges.csv -on nodes.csv

Takes a large file with geolocated tweets and returns another file with tweets sent from within a given bounding box

### extract retweets sent from Scotland
python -f 'geotweets.json' -o 'scotland-tweets.json' \ 
    -swlat 54.184 -swlong -5.734 -nelat 59.03 -nelong 1.120

Counts number of tweets over time, either from a file in json format, or from a MongoDB collection of tweets

## count tweets in a file (tweets in json format), by minute
python count-tweets -f tweets.json -t minute

## count tweets in a file (tweets in json format), by hour
python -f tweets.json -t hour

## count tweets in a MongoDB collection, by minute
python -host localhost -db tweets -c example -t minute


Python tools for the analysis of Twitter data



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