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Project Informations

Current Version: 0.4.0
Read the release notes for more informations.


Skramboord is an open source multi user scrum web application.


Skramboord is licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.


This software is provided "as is", without any guarantee made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use. It may contain bugs, so use of this tool is at your own risk. However, we take no responsibility for any damage that may be unintentionally caused through its use.


It isn't recommended to use skramboord productively yet. A manual to start a demo can be found here.


Screenshots can be found here.

Supporting skramboord

How can you support this project:

  • Share your ideas with me. Crits are welcome!
  • Use it and tell me and others your success story of this web application.
  • Follow skramboord on Twitter (
  • Donate! :) Click here to lend your support to: skramboord and make a donation at !

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