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Build the skipdb tests, and add them to the test target.

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1 parent d76c1ce commit 40f313f0cc9351d4c14b2450993d013382787cbf Steve White committed Nov 12, 2010
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@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ all:
cd libs/jfile/tests; make
cd libs/udb; make
cd libs/skipdb; make
+ cd libs/skipdb/tests; make
#cd libs/tagdb; make
@@ -14,7 +15,9 @@ clean:
cd libs/jfile/tests; make clean
cd libs/udb; make clean
cd libs/skipdb; make clean
+ cd libs/skipdb/tests; make clean
#cd libs/tagdb; make clean
cd libs/jfile/tests; ./test
+ cd libs/skipdb/tests; ./test

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