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Little tiny loader for javascript sources using CORS
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jcors-loader (v.1.2.0)

Little tiny loader for javascript sources using CORS (only 1.2KB plane and 673 with Gzip)


  • Load javascript files asynchronously in parallel.
  • Execute javascript in order.
  • Doesn't block window.onload or DOMContentLoaded. *
  • Soport in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE6+. *
  • No loading indicators, the page looks done and whenever the script arrives.
  • JSLint validation.

* The script works fine in IE 6/7 but blocks onload and sources not load in parallel.

Really easy to use

  • Include inline jcors-loader.min.js.
  • Enable CORS in your server if you are loading sources from other domain (cross-domain). *
  • Tell JcorsLoader the url of the javascript resource you want to load or callback to execute.
  • Enjoy it ;)

* How enable CORS ?

Example "One source with one callback"

        function() {
                $("#demo").html("jQuery Loaded");

Example "Multiple sources with multiple callbacks"

            function() {
                $("#demo").html("jQuery Loaded");
            function() {  


require : node.js

  • node tiny-http-server.js
  • open http://localhost:8125/test/index.html


require : java

  • make build

How do I contribute ?

That is great! Just fork the project in github. Create a topic branch, write some code and send a pull request.

jcors-loader is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0 (

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