Squeak-VM port for the Nintendo DS.
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This is a port of the Squeak VM for the Nintendo DS.

* Building:
  1) Prerequisites:
  - GNU Make
  - devKitARM, a gcc tool chain for ARM (http://devkitpro.org)
  - libnds
  - Chishm's libfat (http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/libfat/) 

  2) Build:
  - enter platforms/nds/vm/
  - set the global variable DEVKITARM to your devKitARM installation.
  - run make

  If all goes well, you should have a vm.nds file that you can run
  on your NDS or in an emulator (tested in desmume).

* Using the vm:

  The vm expects an image named 'squeak.image' on the same
  directory as 'vm.nds'.


    R/L swap up and down screen.
    touch        : mouse button 1 
    touch + left : mouse button 2
    touch + right: mouse button 3

* Known Bugs:
  - There seems to be a problem with the file time creation and modification values.
  - The available memory is hardcoded in globals.h to 3000000, it would be nice
    to have more control over it.

* License:

This code is based on the squeak unix vm:
 Copyright (C) 1996-2004 by Ian Piumarta and other authors/contributors.

code under platforms/nds/ is distributed under the GNU GPL.
Please refer to file platforms/nds/doc/COPYRIGHT.

Pablo Oliveira <pablo@sifflez.org>