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Drag & Drop to share files/folders in your network
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Serve Bar

Drag & Drop to share files/folders in your network

Serve Bar allows you to drag any files or folders to the icon in the topbar and it will create an http server for each one of them. It will automatically open the created servers in your browser and also copy the URLs to your clipboard so you can share them easily.



▼ Download the latest release.

It will only work on macOS as the drag-and-drop feature doesn't work on Linux and Windows.


I know, it's built on electron. You're probably thinking "Yet another RAM eating app". NO! Even though it is an electron app, there's no browser running, so the RAM usage is really small:


It is also really fast. You can easily drag like 50 items into the topbar and they will be instantly shared (and without consuming a lot of RAM). Obviously you will have 50 tabs open in your browser so be careful trying this! And when I say 50, I could say 200, I just didn't try that many.


If you just wanna change the code and run the app:

npm install
npm start

If you want to make the production build:

npm run dist

If you want to make changes to the icon, just modify assets/icon.svg and then generate the png and the icns with npm run dist.


Feel free to open an issue or a PR.

© 2017 Pablo Varela 
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