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McSandy: The HTML5 offline Sandbox

A SFWA (Single File Web Application ) that acts as your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editor.

  • Version: 0.2.1
  • License: Copyright 2014 Frank M. Taylor. All Rights Reserved
  • Prerequisites: IE10+, other modern browsers that support CSS flexbox and blob urls

McSandy's Features

McSandy isn't the only web-based, live preview editor out there. Here's what makes McSandy unique:

  • McSandy let you save your work into local storage
  • Your project gets a hashable url, so you can bookmark it: mcsandy.html#myawesomeproject
  • You can export your work into an HTML file (it's that download button)
  • You can drag HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files into the edit fields to edit them.
  • You can drag your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript fields to your desktop to save them
  • McSandy knows when you have an internet connection and uses any external libraries appropriately
  • McSandy is a single file: mcsandy.html
  • McSandy doesn't need an internet connection

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ctrl + shift + i: Toggle information window
  • ctrl + s: save
  • ctrl + r: run
  • ctrl + d: download
  • ctrl + l: load
  • ctrl + shift + e: toggle editor
  • ctrl + shift + p: toggle projects
  • ctrl + shift + del: delete project
  • ctrl + shift + +: New Project
  • ctrl + shift + n: Open Editor panel in a new window
  • ctrl + shift + h: toggle Horizontal layout

The Technologies Behind McSandy

McSandy is an HTML5 application. It's using Vanilla JavaScript, but it makes use of three API's in particular

  • localStorage (for storing data)
  • online (for showing whether you have internet)
  • Blob URLs (for doing the live-preview in an iframe)
  • fileReader for reading and generating files
  • drag and drop (for dropping files into your edit areas)
  • Eli Grey's filesaver.js is used for the export, until a McSandy-specific solution is developed.
  • CSS3's Flexbox module for layout. Flexbox is supported in IE10+

Upcoming Features

If you'd like a feature, jump on over to the Issues page and request one. Label it as an enhancement and assign it to me.


###What's an SFWA? ###

An SFWA is a Single File Web Application. This means the entire application functions in a single html file. There are no dependencies on any external libraries. Once you've downloaded McSandy (mcsandy.html), you're ready to start coding.

How can I save my work?

McSandy uses localstorage to save your projects. You can save and delete any of your projects by clicking on the save button at the bottom, or by using the keyboard command ctrl + s

How can I get my work back?

At the bottom of McSandy, there's a select box where you can retrieve your old projects. Select the project and just click the load button.

You can also retrieve your projects as a hash in the URL: mcsandy.html#my_project.

This means that you can bookmark your projects!

How can I add external files?

McSandy gives you the option to load JavaScript libraries from Google's CDN. In the future, you'll be able to add your own JS Libraries, too.

How can I export my work?

At the bottom of McSandy is a download button. This will export your current project to a static HTML file.


McSandy is not open-sourced. Copyright and all rights reserved by Frank M. Taylor, 2014.