a people management tool built on node, delivered with angular.js, and laid out in flexbox
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version: 0.0.1 Author: Frank M. Taylor

License: copyright 2013 Frank M. Taylor and Alex Klock. All rights reserved

Technical Overview

An An HR application running on node.js, powered by mongoDB, delivered with angular.js, built by Grunt.js, designed with Stylus and laid-out with Flexbox.


  • The server runs on port 8895 of your localhost
  • The entire application is one giant REST API.
  • the files for node are in root/app


it creates two collections: skills and employees


four controllers (only using three of em)

  • controller for website functionality. just handles the navigation elements, logo.
  • controller for employees. add, edit, remove, and get employee information
  • controller for name. not currently in use


  • Grunt builds the Stylus into two stylesheets: one that uses flexbox and one that uses the regular layout
  • grunt also concatenates the angular controller files into one controller
  • grunt concatenates jquery and jqueryUI
  • grunt watches the /public folder for changes to html, .styl, or .js and runs all of the afformentioned tasks


  • every stylus file is organized by what it does: brand, layout, component
  • In each folder there's an index.styl file. it's importing all of the styl files into it
  • the master styl file is an import of the index.styls
  • at the root of my CSS folder is a vars.styl file. this is where much of my brand information resides
  • nib does all my CSS3 fallbacks
  • if I do a layout in flexbox, it's labeled as such

Getting Started

1 install Node.js 2 install npm (if it didn't come w/ node) 3 install mongo DB 4 run node server.js from the command line 5 run grunt from the command line, while in the root folder


To do:

  • Mongo

    • Person collection
      • job title field maybe?
  • Angular *migrate everything into an angular app

    • add-employee.html needs a job title field
    • add-employee.html needs to show a proper confirmation when stuff is submitted
    • need to create a tree directive
    • need live refresh on the skill-tree.html
    • need live refresh on the org-chart.html
  • Design/UI

    • tree pages
      • ability to update the item
      • expand/collapse for more details
      • minimize button for every level


  • Add skills page : there's weirdness when adding a skill, and then a child skill in the same session on the "add-skill page" Stuff doesn't always get added to the parent +tree algorithm
    • When you add a fifth level to the fourth level, the fourth level gets hoisted up to the very top - and is treated like it's a root.
    • seems to happen on the skills, now, not the employees. no clue as to cause since it's virtually identical code