Not a normalize or a reset, but the thing you'd need right after
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Typography Baseline

I have a normalize/reset, why do I need this?

This isn't meant to replace a normalize or a reset. Keep using your normalize and reset.

When do I use this?

After you've put your normalize/ reset in place, and when you're looking for a starting place for your brand. This attempts to provide some sort of baseline style for all of the typographical elements.

what can I change?

Anything and everything. It's a baseline. But if you want to know what to change first, start with the font-size for html and then move on to colors.

What about the HTML file?

The HTML file is an attempt to use all of the inline, content-flow, and otherwise odd/obscure semantic elements appropriately. Semantics are hard.

Can I see it in action?

Just in case you can't clone/fork the repo, there is a live version over on CodePen: