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Small Chat app built in Vue.js with

This started from a chapter in "Node.js in 24 hours" on web sockets. It turned into "hey, I wonder if I could send video over websockets" (answer: kinda). Then I decided to clean things up like an adult.

The Vue stuff

So now this uses Vue for the templating (because I wanted to get to know Vue better). It doesn't use a state library (yet). I'm holding off on a state library until I feel like I need one.

The Vue components need to be broken into their own file.

Websocket stuff

Using Web sockets do all the chat things. I'm not doing chat rooms. I am working on private chats, though.

Server stuff

Using express.js. Barely.

Express serves a single page. There's no routes. This probably counts as "serverless" since the server just serves a single page. The usernames and chat messages are just in memory; that's it. If the server shuts off, the usernames and messages go away.

Start the server with npm start (Using an npm script for starting the server)


Build the latest with npm build.

Using Webpack. No watchers or anything. You'll need to build every time you update a JavaScript file

CSS / Styles

No CSS preprocessor. Didn't need it; presentation wasn't really my concern. Layout is written in CSS grid (because I wanted to get more familiar with that). I'm using CSS variables for managing look and feel. It's actually kinda neat.