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Zika Defender

The Team

Team Photo

Name | Email | Role --- | --- | --- | --- Nida Butt | nida.b94@gmail.com | Developer Marcus Ferreira | mf08578n@pace.edu | Content Manager Russell Gee | rgee258@gmail.com | Scrum Master Pedro Borges Pio | pb44320n@pace.edu | Product Owner

Project Description

There are many ways to raise awareness about current situations, and what better way is there than by playing a game? To spread awareness about the current Zika Virus in Brazil, we are developing our app, Zika Defender. Based on a mix of popular tower defense and arcade games, help slow the spread of the Zika Virus by eliminating the mosquitoes before they reach the humans. Enjoy playing in different settings of Brazil, improving your skill as you work to stop the spread of the Zika Virus, and learning more about this disease while you play.

Idea Proposal

Our Idea Proposal


Our Project Calendar

Product Backlog

Our Product Backlog

Preliminary Product Backlog Work

Requirements / Product Backlog Validation Sketch

Architecture and Design

Design: UI/UX Demo



Wiki Images


Sprint 1

Sprint 2

Sprint 3

Process Description

Our Project Reflection


Our Communications


Our Tools

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