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Open Trade Statistics

In spanish, 2019-10-19. A general description of tradestatistics package, exercises with dplyr/dbplyr and examples with shiny and highcharter. You can see some of the workshop exercises at github.


APIs with R

In Spanish, 2019-09-26. How to use plumber to fit regressions with large datasets.

Open Trade Statistics

In English, 2019-09-27. A general description of and how R is used with SQL. It also covers the tradestatistics package and a bit of rOpenSci peer-reviewing process.


Econometrics in R

In English, 2018-12-15. Estimation of Gravity Models by using the gravity package. It also covers a quick review of linear models.

R Users Group

Creating an API REST with R

In Spanish, 2018-04-11. How to use plumber to fit regressions with large datasets.

Demand Estimation in R

In Spanish, 2019-09-27. A quick review of time series and usage of forecast package.

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