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Awesome Missing Healthcare Awesome

  • A curated, un-awesomelist of Missing NHS, Healthcare and Social Care interfaces, services, registers, and data sources.
  • This is a 'partner' list to the Awesome Healthcare list here I'm focusing on what's needed but conspicuously absent.

National web services and APIs


  • GMC number API lookup
  • NMC number API lookup
  • GP Practices register API
  • Pharmacies register API

Clinical Tools

  • comprehensive, clinically assured, clinical calculation API
  • comprehensive, clinically assured, clinical decision support API

NHS Platform Tools

  • Open source cross-platform Identity Agent (for NHS SmartCard use)
  • Full implementation of the NHS Spine 'Warranted Environment' in open source (this was the aim of the NHSbuntu/NHoS project)

Frameworks and Libraries

  • NHS Common User Interface (or the good bits of it) implemented as a CSS-class-based web UI framework that can be dropped into new or existing web applications, lending them an instant UI which is ready clinically-, usability- and accessibility-tested.

Data gathering and Intelligence

  • NHS PC Benchmarking - a downloadable software agent which benchmarks the PC being used and reports back to a central authority via web on: installed OS, patch level, RAM, CPU, disk, installed software, network bandwidth, and other information that would help national IT resources to be distributed in the most effective way possible.

This repository and list is licensed under

Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0