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AS3 port of Wedge of Cheese's Java Organya replayer
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AS3 port of Wedge of Cheese's Java Organya replayer. Why would anyone need one for AS3? Who knows...

Both Org-02 and Org-03 supported.

Current state: Functional, more accurate than liborganya. Ungodly code mess.


*Some code clean.

*Reproduce Organya's handling of melodic samples, per octave.

*I changed my mind. This is gonna be a tracker instead of just a player.

*Replace WoC's samplebank format with own, better one.

*Deal with drumsample mapping(Xaser vs original OrgMaker v2 mapping) and 'Cave Story' mode.

*Synthesize instruments from PXTs.

*Port this back to C, where it's actually useful.

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