@jdoliner jdoliner released this Feb 7, 2019 · 248 commits to master since this release

  • --push-images on create-pipeline has been replaced with --build which builds and pushes docker images. (#3370)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause malformed config files to panic pachctl. (#3336)
  • Port-forwarding will now happen automatically when commands are run. (#3340)
  • Fix bug where create-pipeline accepts names which Kubernetes considers invalid. (#3344)
  • Fix a bug where put-file would respond master not found for an open commit. (#3184)
  • Fix a bug where jobs with stats enabled and no datums would never close their stats commit. (#3355)
  • Pipelines now reject files paths with utf8 unprintable characters. (#3356)
  • Fixed a bug in the Azure driver that caused it to choke on large files. (#3378)
  • Fixed a bug that caused pipelines go into a loop and log a lot when they were stopped. (#3397)
  • ADDRESS has been renamed to PACHD_ADDRESS to be less generic. ADDRESS will still work for the remainder of the 1.8.x series of releases. (#3415)
  • The pod_spec field in pipelines has been revamped to use JSON Merge Patch (rfc7386) Additionally, a field, pod_patch has been added the the pipeline spec which is similar to pod_spec but uses JSON Patches (rfc6902) instead. (#3427)
  • Pachyderm developer names should no longer appear in backtraces. (#3436)
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