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Python client for Pachyderm
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Python Pachyderm

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Official Python Pachyderm client. Created by kalugny (formerly kalugny/pypachy), and now maintained by Pachyderm Inc.


pip install python-pachyderm



For PFS-related functionality, you can use PfsClient, which wraps around protobuf/gRPC autogenerated code to make for a more idiomatic Python experience.

Here's an example that creates a repo and adds a file:

import python_pachyderm
client = python_pachyderm.PfsClient()
with client.commit('test', 'master') as c:
    client.put_file_bytes(c, '/dir_a/data.txt', b'DATA')


Similarly, we offer a higher-level PpsClient for PPS-related functionality. An example:

import python_pachyderm
client = python_pachyderm.PpsClient()

Everything else

For all other gRPC APIs, we expose the protobuf/gRPC autogenerated code. See the API docs.


This driver is co-maintained by Pachyderm and the community. If you're looking to contribute to the project, this is a fantastic place to get involved.

Getting started

To run tests, clone the repo, then run:

make init
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