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readme for DJM Calculator

version 0.3

copyright February 2017

by Dan McKeown

try it out at: http://danmckeown.info/calculator

screencast about djmCalc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0BBykrdKW0

djmCalc is Free Software Licensed under ISC License

The calculator has three types of buttons:

  • Mutating Mode Buttons: The buttons at the top that set themselves up for mutation when pressed--that is, selecting a button makes it able to be set by a Number or Operator button
  • Number Buttons: Allows digits to be added to either of the Number Mutating Mode Buttons
  • Operator Buttons: Allows operator to be selected for the Operator Mutating Mode Button (add, multiply, etc.), also allows selection of 'real-time' operators like equals [which causes an answer to the values currently in the mutating mode buttons to appear in the fourth 'answer' button] and Prime [which displays a theorectical and algorithmic answer to the question of whether the value in the 'answer' button is a prime number] and "Clear" which causes the value of whichever of the two Mutating Mode Number Buttons is currently selected (in mutating mode), if either, to be set to 0.

The calculator is written in JavaScript and depends on ReactJS components for layout and jQuery events for DOM operations.

Setup You can get the code for DJM Calc by cloning this Git project. When you have it in your directory, you will need to use NPM to install dependencies: At the terminal, try this:

git clone https://github.com/pacificpelican/djmCalc.git

cd djmCalc

npm install or sudo npm install

When you have done that, start the server using an NPM script:

npm run start

You should then be able to visit the dev server at http://localhost:3000