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a text editing tool for NodeJS
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ReadME for nText

nText [henceforth ntext] is a text editor written in JavaScript by Dan McKeown.
ntext requires NodeJS 4+. AngularJS and angular-route 1.5.x are also required and are currently included in the /client directory.

In order to set it up, make sure the code is unpacked in your file system. The database will be stored in a NeDB database in the app directory at /db/ntext.json.

Now use your command line to go to the directory where the ntext code is. Run this command to make sure you have your server-side dependencies:

sudo npm install

Now type in this to start the NodeJS server:

sudo npm run start

Once this is running, you can go to local host 7387 in your browser and use the ntext app to create and update texts and take advantage of the DOM clipboard.

Find out more in the about file.