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a free web application written in PHP that can be used to upload files and shorten URLs and create text documents
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pacificpelicancms is a simple PHP application for use on web servers and is free software; it is currently in beta and is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later. Please conduct proper diligence before installing on production systems.


-creates a web page which automatically names itself in the title and h1 based on the server name

-allows file uploading via HTTP using this web page and a password

-creates a list of the files and links to the raw files or the file's own perma-link page which adds to the title tag the name of the file being shown

-allows URLs to be shortened (the URL shortener functionality requires a small domain name for the web site to be very useful of course) using a password

-creates perma-links for shortened URLs which are listed automatically by the application

-allows creation of text files using a password

-creates perma-links for each text file and a list

-CSS can be adjusted by placing in a style.css using built-in classes and IDs

The instructions for installation of cms are contained in the readme.txt document. for version: [on GitHub] Oct. 26, 2011 by Daniel J. McKeown

web site: email: pacificpelicancms -at-